Voilà une partie des livres que je recherche. Il faut que les livres soient en très bon état ou quasi neufs

Here is a part of the books I'm looking for. They have to be in very good or quite new condition

Je cherche en permanence à ameliorer les états de mes livres. Je recherche donc beaucoup d'autres titres (achat ou échange)

I am always trying to find a best condition for my books. So there are many other books that I can buy or exchange











 1st printing 1960




























 Editions from Colombia

by Juventud Colombia

All titles wanted

Softcovers books



 1st printing 1973  1st printing 1972  back cover 1st printing 1972


  1st printings Arabic  1st printing 1972  backcover 1st printing 1972


1st printing with its backcover


 1st printing 1973







 1st printing 1972

 Finland  Otava 1st printings










 1971 and 1974 editions

 1973 1st printing  1974 1st printing



 Iceland Fjolvi editions



 1993 1st printing  1995 1st printing

 1995 1st printing backcover





Hardcover books all titles



 Iran 1st printing 1971  1973





















Others wanted

 Thailand Study publishing books wanted





  USA Golden Press library        


 Little Brown library all wanted




       copyright : Hergé/Moulinsart